Daily Speed Paintings 1

6th January 2017

As a challenge to myself this year, I’d like to complete more quick, rough digital painting studies. I’m just working from photographs and trying to see what limits I could push myself to further into the year. The following paintings have took between 15-45 mins each (minus the last one, which I lost track of time). Original image links at the bottom.


image 1 original image 2 original image 3 original image 4 original image 5 original image 6 original image 7 original


FL Trip 2016: Orlando

Florida Trip: 26th August – 8th September 2016

We took off from Newcastle airport at 9am to Heathrow, then from Heathrow to Miami at 12. We eventually landed in Miami at 5pm EST.

Miami international is colourful & cool

After renting our car and driving through crazy traffic we drove to our first stop in Boca Raton. The last time I visited the US was in 2009 (and it was also the last time I traveled by plane) so I was pretty excited to see what it was like in 2016. Coming off the plane and feeling the heat for the first time in so long was so shocking and exciting. When we arrived in Boca Raton, I tried Panera for the first time, I chose mac and cheese with a half sandwich and loved it. The hotel was alright despite being kept up most of the night by a screaming baby. It felt so surreal being somewhere different and watching a crazy thunderstorm outside of my hotel window at 3am while my body wanted to be up and about. We stayed the night in Boca Raton before driving to Orlando to stay in Universal’s Cabana Bay hotel the next day.

Boca Centre, Boca Raton
Driving to Orlando

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